Privacy & Mailo charter

Internet hazards – Privacy and intrusion

  • An e-mail address is intrusive when it allows tracking you everywhere on the Internet. This is the case for e-mail providers who also control the following services:
    • a search engine
    • a web browser
    • a social network
    • an advertising network
  • You can realize that you are tracked by an intrusive e-mail address when your identity is displayed at the top of the page in other services, such as for instance a simple Internet search.
  • If you use an intrusive e-mail address, your e-mail provider knows all your actions on the Internet and can use this information indefinitely: list of all your present and past contacts content of all your sent and received e-mails all your Internet searches history of most of the visited websites...
  • Your e-mail provider can quickly build up a substantial data base about you.
  • Day after day, your use of Internet brings additional data to this data base, whose extent it is difficult to know.
  • If you use an intrusive e-mail address, it is important to read its terms of use and to configure the available protection tools, if there are any.

The Mailo charter

Commitment 1 – Respecting the privacy of the user

  • The service is fully hosted in France and carefully follows European and French regulations on private correspondence and data protection.
  • The users' data is confidential: no backdoor is open for anyone, even authorities requesting access outside a specific legal framework.

Commitment 2 – Non-intrusive e-mail addresses

  • They are not used to locate you everywhere on the Internet in association with a search engine, an advertising network, a social network and a web browser.
  • They are not a lure to build up a nominal profiling and tracking data base:
    • The messages received and sent by the users are not read for commercial or promotional purposes.
    • Data provided by users is confidential.

Commitment 3 – A constantly evolving quality service

  • It remains sustainable over time for users who, whether children, individuals or professionals, need a permanent e-mail address.
  • It improves constantly, in terms of features, ergonomy, capacity, mobility and performance.
  • It focuses exclusively on mail and does not dissipate into a mass-market portal.
  • It keeps a full mastery of its technology to remain innovative and answer the needs and suggestions of its users without delay.

Commitment 4 – Consideration given to each user

  • A solution for everyone: adults, children, seniors.
  • Attention to families and children's security.
  • Performing tools for professionals.
  • A close relationship with which, if need be, contacts the user by phone.